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Parks - Structure Maintenance
There is a broken structure at my park.

Parks - Maintenance

This is for general Park Maintenance

Parks - Faucets, sprinklers or waterfountain in the park

gound maintenance issue for the faucets, sprinklers, or water fountains.

Parks - Field maintenance - Washouts

Customer called about a field needing maintenance, Washout.

Parks - Landscape Maintenance

The bushes in the Park needs to be trimmed, the playground needs mulch, plants need to be attended. 

Park Bed Maintenance

Any landscaped area that is overgrown within a park.

Sign In Need Of Maintenance

I want to report a sign in need of maintenance.

Parks - Pool Maintenance

Citizen has a complaint regarding pool maintenance, conditions, etc. 

Please email or call 904-630-2489 for additional assistance. When emailing please describe your request, including your contact information and the address or location of the concern.

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