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Vegetation Sight Distance Obstruction

I would like to report vegetation is over the sidewalk and blocking view or there is a tree, shrub or bush which is overgrown and obstructing the view of oncoming traffic.

Sign In Need Of Maintenance

I want to report a sign in need of maintenance.

Traffic- Needs Sign

I want to request a new traffic sign.

Traffic- Signal Light Out
I want to report a light out at a traffic signal.

Sight Distance Obstruction Complaints

I want to report a sight obstruction on a City road.

Street Closure/Maint. Of Traffic Complaints

I want to complain about a street that has been closed temporarily for construction.

Traffic Sign Complaints

There is a problem with a traffic sign.

Traffic Signal Installation Requests

I want a new traffic signal.

Traffic Signal Malfunctions

***DO NOT USE for traffic lights being out please use Traffic-Signal Light Out*** I think the timing needs to be changed at a traffic signal.  I think a signal is broken/not working properly.

Traffic Study

I would like to request: (a) installation of a signal (b) four-way stop (c) crosswalk (d) traffic calming (e.g., speed humps/bumps).

Traffic Sign Broken Sign/Post - URGENT

I want to report a broken sign or broken post - This is to be used only for the following signs: Stop, Yield, Do Not Enter and One-Way

Please email or call 904-630-2489 for additional assistance. When emailing please describe your request, including your contact information and the address or location of the concern.

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