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Issues entered with incorrect issue description may result in delayed response

Missed Yard Waste

 If tagged, enter Yard Waste, Information Request to request explanation if information on the tag is not adequate.

CORE CITY CUSTOMERS: Due to Wednesday being a non-working day for SWD, missed issues reported on Tuesday by Core City customers will be addressed by close of business on Thursday.

If customer is calling before 6pm of scheduled collection day, explain collection timeframes to the customer and encourage them to contact 630-CITY the business day following scheduled collection day between 8:00am and 5:00pm. Issues entered after 5:00pm may result in your issue not getting addressed until next collection cycle.

Nuisance Property

MUNICIPAL CODE COMPLIANCE DIVISION MUST HAVE A VALID ADDRESS OR RE# TO INVESTIGATE A COMPLAINT.... A LOCATION WITH JUST AN INTERSECTION OR A BLOCK NUMBER IS NOT SUFFICIENT INFORMATION. Without valid information, complaint will be cancelled without further investigation. This issue applies to PRIVATE PROPERTY ONLY. For complaints about public rights of way along city streets, contact Public Works/Mowing and Landscaping.

* tall weeds and grass * trash and litter * dumping on private property * unsanitary conditions on a property *dead tree limbs hanging over house * unmaintained swimming pool * dead tree * graffiti * overflowing dumpster*

Parks - Tree Trim

Trees in the park needs to be trimmed.

Tree - Down (in Road)

Need to report a tree or large limb blocking all or part of the road, impeding traffic and creating a safety hazard.

Tree - Remove

There appears to be a dead or dying tree on city property/right of way that needs to be checked for removal.

Tree - Debris Generated by City to be removed

The city recently removed or cut a tree and the debris has not been picked up.

Tree - Down (off road)

Need to report a tree or large limb from a city property or right of way has fallen and is completely or partially blocking a sidewalk or driveway, or is in a ditch/pond, or is in someone's yard.

Please NOTE - The City of Jacksonville does not remove trees from private structures, enter a tree damage issue for Risk Management.  If the tree has fallen on anything like playground equipment, home, fence, shed, car, etc.  Public Works can not remove.

Vegetation Sight Distance Obstruction

I would like to report vegetation is over the sidewalk and blocking view or there is a tree, shrub or bush which is overgrown and obstructing the view of oncoming traffic.

Tree - Plant New Tree

I would like a tree planted in the right of way in front of my home.

Damage to other Personal Property by a City Tree

Examples include, fences, sheds, detatched garages, other personal property.

Please email or call 904-630-2489 for additional assistance. When emailing please describe your request, including your contact information and the address or location of the concern.

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