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Yard Waste, Information Request

Use this issue description to request additional information not available in Service Standards or Do's and Don'ts.  They left a yellow tag with my uncollected waste - what does it mean?

Missed Yard Waste

 If tagged, enter Yard Waste, Information Request to request explanation if information on the tag is not adequate.

CORE CITY CUSTOMERS: Due to Wednesday being a non-working day for SWD, missed issues reported on Tuesday by Core City customers will be addressed by close of business on Thursday.

If customer is calling before 6pm of scheduled collection day, explain collection timeframes to the customer and encourage them to contact 630-CITY the business day following scheduled collection day between 8:00am and 5:00pm. Issues entered after 5:00pm may result in your issue not getting addressed until next collection cycle.

Yard Waste, Damaged Container

I want to report damage to my waste container caused by a residential yard waste collection employee.

Yard Waste, Messy Collection

I want to report workers not collecting spillage after emptying containers, leaving empty containers in street or blocking driveway, etc.

Yard Waste, Damage to Private Property

*ONLY ENTER IF RELATED TO BAGGED/CANNED YARD WASTE. LOOSE WASTE IS CONSIDERED STORM DEBRIS - ENTER STORM DEBRIS COMPLAINT* I want to report damage to my private property (i.e. yard, driveway, mailbox, etc.) caused by a residential yard waste collection vehicle. Numerous waste collection vehicles that may not belong to a COJ contract hauler are travelling on city, county or state road at any given time hence, damage to vehicles, whether in motion or parked on city right of way should be reported to JSO.

Sewer drains into yard/ditch.
Sewer/septic discharge drains into yard, storm drains or ditches.

Nuisance Property

MUNICIPAL CODE COMPLIANCE DIVISION MUST HAVE A VALID ADDRESS OR RE# TO INVESTIGATE A COMPLAINT.... A LOCATION WITH JUST AN INTERSECTION OR A BLOCK NUMBER IS NOT SUFFICIENT INFORMATION. Without valid information, complaint will be cancelled without further investigation. This issue applies to PRIVATE PROPERTY ONLY. For complaints about public rights of way along city streets, contact Public Works/Mowing and Landscaping.

* tall weeds and grass * trash and litter * dumping on private property * unsanitary conditions on a property *dead tree limbs hanging over house * unmaintained swimming pool * dead tree * graffiti * overflowing dumpster*


Please provide an exact address for location of violation. Non Household Animals in Residential areas, auto repairs in residential areas, commercial utility trailers, fence or wall height violations, parking or storage of restricted vehicles, such as RV’s, large trucks or boats in required front yards or driveways, longer than 24 hours, temporary storage units, yard sales, address improperly displayed, business in residential, illegal and/or damaged signs on private property, temporary/portable signs, flashing signs, animated signs, revolving signs. Complaints about noise or odor in reference to the new Hens in Residential areas ordinance should be directed to EQD. Complaints about improper enclosures, no permits for hens, too many hens, roosters, coop or enclosure not in backyard, selling of chickens, eggs or chicken manure, improper or non-existent screening and the slaughtering of hens shall be directed to Municipal Code Compliance. MCC does not handle complaints about signs with no permits. Those should be directed to the Building Inspection Division

Zoning-Land Use

MUST HAVE A VALID ADDRESS OR RE# TO INVESTIGATE A COMPLAINT. Without valid information, complaint will be cancelled without further investigation. This issue covers: Agriculture prohibited use, Parking of certain vehicles in residential areas, lakes and ponds prohibited use, borrow pits, excavations, lot/yard violations, building or fence too tall. ALSO More than five unrelated persons living in a single family residence. See addtional info to the right.

Yard Waste, Improper Can Placement

Use this issue description to report waste collection workers placing containers in driveway, street, ditch, or somewhere other than the point of collection after being emptied.

Commingling/Mixing of Waste Streams into one truck

Use this issue description to report commingling /mixing of multiple waste streams into one vehicle. I want to report the hauler is placing garbage and/or recycling and/or yard waste into the same vehicle.

Please email or call 904-630-2489 for additional assistance. When emailing please describe your request, including your contact information and the address or location of the concern.

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