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Animal - Dead

There is a dead animal at this location. AC&PS employees WILL NOT go into private property to remove dead animals. 

Animal - Nuisance

My neighbor's cat/dog is a nuisance. (CONTACT INFORMATION IS REQUIRED TO SEND AFFIDAVIT FORM TO - Nuisance issues requrie 2 AFFIDAVITS or 1 AFFIDAVIT and photo or video evidence to support the affidavit at minimum)

Animal - Bite

I have been bitten by an animal or scratched by a cat, or my pet has been bitten (or attacked) by a dog or cat.

Animal - Cruelty

My neighbor has a dog/cat that they are not taking appropriate care of.

Animal - Confined(Yard/House)

I have a cat/dog in my yard and I need it picked-up.

Animal - Message for ACPS

I have a message for ACPS OR need to speak to someone at ACPS.

Animal - Loose/Stray

There is a dog and/or cat running loose in my neighborhood. Wildlife, such as ducks, geese, snakes, etc are handled by Fish & Wildlife at Livestock, such as goats, horses and cows are handled by JSO non-emergency.

Animal - In Trap

I have a trapped dog/cat. **DO NOT trap on Fridays or Saturdays because no one is available to receive the animals if they are trapped - do not set traps on Friday, you can start trapping again on Sunday.

Animal- Pick Up Trap

I am finished with the trap, would you please pick it up.

Animal - Citation

There is a notice left on my door OR I received a notice/letter about a violation or citation.

Animal - Affidavit

I need blank affidavit forms from ACPS.

Animal - Suspect Rabid/Rabies

I have raccoons in my neighborhood that are rabid. I see raccoons out in my neighborhood during the day and they must be rabid. A raccoon attacked my animal or bit a person.

Animal Turn-ins/Surrenders on Saturdays

I want to turn in a pet or stray animal on Saturday.

Animal trapped at Zoo - Need Pickup

The Jacksonville Zoo has a trapped feral cat that is posing a medical risk to its big and rare cats at the zoo and needs it removed asap to limit disease transfer.

Animal - Stuck in storm drain.

There is a dog, puppy, cat, or kitten stuck down in a street drain, sewer, catch basin, etc.

Animal - Confined (Veterinary Office)

I have a stray cat or dog confined at a veterinary hospital that I need to have picked up.

Animal - Delinquent Final Judgement Letter

I received a letter stating that I owe money for unpaid citation / delinquent final judgement.

Animal - Surrender/Turn-In by owner

How do I surrender my pet?

Please email or call 904-630-2489 for additional assistance. When emailing please describe your request, including your contact information and the address or location of the concern.

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